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Thanks so much for giving Saide her eyesight back. I'm so happy she can see me again, and this first photo really captures her personality.  Love those brown eyes. The second picture is of her watching dragonflies in our yard.  She's always a happy dog, but it's nice to have bounce back in her step. Raving about your team - thank you! BTW, go Gators!


Christina and John D.



Cuddles came to Poodle and Pooch Rescue depressed and completely blind from her cataracts. We brought her to you in the morning and by the afternoon she could see!!! Cuddles went from bumping into walls to catching treats in the air. 


You have turned back the clock for this dog who came to life when her sight was restored. We cannot thank you enough on behalf of this lucky little girl who is living a ridiculously happy life now. 


As it turns out, a side effect of cataract surgery is a perpetually wagging tail! We are so happy to have you in Orlando now!


Michele W.