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Diagnostic Testing Procedures


Although a majority of eye conditions can be diagnosed during the examination, some conditions require additional testing to determine a cause. We will discuss your pet's needs with you during the comprehensive exam and provide estimates for any additional recommended testing. Some of these procedures may require your pet to stay with us for a short time. Additional testing procedures offered at VOC include:


  • Electroretinography (ERG) – an electrical test that evaluates the health of the retina.  Diagnosis of some diseases which affect the function of the retina may require this test.

  • Ultrasononography - an imaging procedure which allows visualization of the internal structures of the eye if they cannot be seen during examination (due to cataract, bleeding or excessive inflammation).

  • Gonioscopy - a special contact lens is used to visualize the drainage system of the eye to determine the cause, or risk of developing, glaucoma.

  • Doppler blood pressure - elevated blood pressure can cause several eye abnormalities; if high blood pressure is suspected your pet’s blood pressure will be measured.